EV rapid charging stations across the UK

Thousands of electric car charging points in London, Bristol, Manchester and other cities in the UK. Charge your car using our network of rapid charging stations.


Convenient locations

Our UK car charging points are located in city centres, retail parks, shopping centres and motorway service areas.


Fast charging

Fast and ultra-fast charging stations up to 350kW can charge your EV in as little as 30 minutes.


Reliable stations

We understand some EV drivers may have range anxiety. That's why we monitor every station and fix any issues fast.

One app for all EV charging needs

Transparent pricing

You can see detailed pricing for each charging point in the UK.

Billed monthly

Your account will be billed on the first business day of every month.

Charging history

See your kWh charging history and cost for every month.

Favourite stations

Add your preferred charging stations to your favourite list.


How to use our UK charging points?


Log in and search

You have to be logged in to start charging your car. Use the easyCharging app to search for your closest charging points in the UK and then get directions.


Park and plug in

Once you are safely parked and ready to start charging your EV, plug in your car, and it will start charging automatically. If it doesn't, you can 'swipe to charge'.


Leave to charge

Wait for your EV to charge, which could be as fast as 20 minutes. It all depends on your car's battery type and the output of the charging point you are plugged in.


Unplug and go

You can check on the progress in the app, and when you are ready to go, just unplug your car and continue on your journey. You will be billed on the first day of each month.

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Charge Your EV Effortlessly in the UK

With easyCharging, you have flexible options to charge your electric vehicle in the United Kingdom. Use the easyCharging mobile app or our convenient RFID charging card allowing you to start and stop charging without needing to open the mobile app. Perfect for when you don’t have mobile signal, a data plan, or want to use stations with the RFID charging option only.

Charge your EV effortlessly in the UK, Register now and order your FREE RFID card today in the easyCharging app.

Charge anywhere in the UK

Our charging stations are conveniently placed across the whole of the United Kingdom. You can find us in city centres near restaurants or hotels, retail and business parks, car parks and motorway service areas.

24/7 customer support

Are you having difficulties starting or stopping charging? Talk to our support team to solve any issues.

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