Your most common questions answered

Did you know that an EV can save you £176 in running costs for every 1,000 miles driven? Only 1% of EV drivers would switch back to petrol or diesel.

Most EV drivers ask...

This depends on the charging point you are using so please check with the station operator and follow their guidelines.

During the registration process, we will ask you for your payment card. Your card will then be billed on the first business day of every month according to your charging spending.

If you don't want to use the easyCharging app every time you charge your car, you can order an RFID keyring or RFID card in the app. You can then use these to start and stop charging without opening the mobile app.

It's perfectly safe to drive or charge your EV in the rain or other weather conditions. All EVs must comply with tough technical regulations, including crash and electrical safety.

DC charger points charge your battery to 80 percent of its capacity at full speed and then reduce the output. They are safe and prolong your battery performance.

The speed at which your car battery is charged depends on the outside temperature - a cold battery charges slower than a warm one.