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Compatible with all major EV brands, easyCharging app connects you to a vast network of reliable chargers across Europe, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging experience for every journey.

Compatible plug types

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Type 2 (Mennekes)

Type 2, or Mennekes, is the standard plug type for AC charging in Europe, supporting both slow and fast charging. It is commonly used for home charging and public stations, providing reliable and secure connections for a wide range of electric vehicles. Type 2 plugs can handle single-phase and three-phase electricity, making them versatile for various charging scenarios.


CCS (Combined Charging System)

The CCS plug integrates AC and DC charging, enabling both slow and fast charging capabilities. It’s widely adopted across Europe for its versatility and efficiency, allowing EVs to connect to high-power public fast-charging stations for rapid charging, as well as slower AC charging when necessary. CCS is compatible with many modern EV models, providing flexible and speedy charging options.



CHAdeMO is designed for DC fast charging, primarily used by Japanese electric vehicles such as those from Nissan and Mitsubishi. It allows for rapid recharging, making it ideal for quick stops at compatible fast-charging stations. Though less prevalent in Europe, CHAdeMO provides a fast and effective solution for vehicles that support this plug type, facilitating reduced downtime during long journeys.

Compatible EV manufacturers

100,000+ charging stations in Europe

Navigate the EV charging landscape with confidence using easyCharging. Our expansive network of over 100,000+ charging stations across Europe ensures that you’re never far from a convenient and compatible charging point. Whether you’re commuting locally or embarking on a long-distance journey, easyCharging provides a reliable solution.

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