Fast EV charging in France

Discover thousands of EV charging stations in France and its biggest cities, Paris, Toulouse and Marseille. Charge your electric car on short or long journeys through France.


Convenient locations

You are never too far from our next DC charging station in France. They are located in city centres, retail parks, shopping centres and motorway service areas.


Fast charging

How fast can you charge your electric car and be on your way? With ultra-fast DC charging points, you could be ready to continue your journey in 30 minutes.


Reliable stations

There's nothing worse than finding out that a charging point is not working. We constantly monitor charging stations, and you can see if they are active in the app.

One app. Thousands of charging stations in France

Transparent pricing

Each EV charging point in the app shows you how much you'll be charged per kWh, session and minute.

Billed monthly

The cost of all your charging sessions from a previous month will be charged to your card on the first business day of each month.

Charging history

You can see the record of each charging session in the mobile app under your Profile.

Favourite stations

If you are using some charging stations more than others, you can add them to your favourites.


The 'easy' way to charge your electric car in France


Log in and search

Register first, then download the app and log in to your account. Search for high power charging stations anywhere in France, including Bordeaux or Nice.


Park and plug in

Once you arrive and park at your chosen charging point, you can just plug in your car, and it should start charging automatically. If it doesn't, use the app to swipe to start charging.


Leave to charge

Go shopping or for lunch while your car is charging. You can check the progress in the mobile app too. Depending on the output of the DC charging point, your battery could be charged in 30 minutes.


Unplug and go

When your car is charged, you can use the mobile app to swipe to end the charging session. All your charging sessions are listed in the charging history for each month.


Two ways to charge your car in France

Choose the most convenient way to charge your EV in France with easyCharging. You can either use the mobile app or order a charging tag (RFID keyring or RFID card) and charge without having to open the app.

Order your RFID by going to Profile - Charging tags in the app.

Charge fast, anywhere in France

Our network of thousands of EV charging stations across France offers fast, convenient, affordable and reliable charging at any time of the day.

24/7 customer support

Are you having difficulties starting or stopping charging? Talk to our support team to solve any issues.

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