Seamless EV charging with easyCharging RFID cards

easyCharging RFID card allows for contactless, wireless communication with EV charging stations, enabling you to start and stop charging sessions effortlessly with a simple tap.


Contactless, secure and immediate charging initiation

Discover the benefits of using the easyCharging RFID card

Convenience at your fingertips

With the easyCharging RFID card, accessing charging points across Europe has never been simpler. Just tap your card at any compatible charger, and you’re ready to power up your electric vehicle. Enjoy the freedom of seamless charging without the hassle of multiple apps or payment methods. Whether you’re on a daily commute or a long road trip, the easyCharging RFID card keeps you moving effortlessly.

Simplified payment and tracking

Monitor your charging sessions and manage payments with the easyCharging app. Our RFID card integrates directly with the app, allowing you to view real-time charging costs, receive consolidated monthly invoices, and keep track of your charging history. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and complicated billing; everything is clear and at your fingertips with easyCharging.

Reliable and secure charging

Experience reliable and secure charging every time. The easyCharging RFID card uses advanced RFID technology to ensure your charging sessions are safe and uninterrupted. No more worrying about app failures or compatibility issues; with our card, you have guaranteed access to a wide network of charging points, making your EV charging experience stress-free and dependable.

Explore our extensive network

easyCharging offers access to a vast network of 100,000+ charging points across Europe

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Access over 15,000 charging points across the UK, including major cities and highways, ensuring you're always near a charge.



With more than 20,000 charging points, easyCharging covers key locations from Paris to Provence for a seamless travel experience.



Enjoy reliable charging at over 12,000 points, from bustling Madrid to the serene beaches of Costa del Sol.



Covering over 25,000 charging stations, easyCharging keeps you powered from Berlin's urban center to the scenic routes of Bavaria.



Access over 8,000 charging points, perfect for navigating Switzerland’s cities and picturesque alpine routes.



Easily find over 7,000 charging stations throughout Denmark, from Copenhagen to the Jutland Peninsula.

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The first step is to register your account.


Install the easyCharging app

Download our Android or iOS app and login.


Request your own RFID tag

It's free to get RFID charge card to all easyCharging customers.


Activate your RFID in the app

Once you get your RFID card, you will need to activate it in the app.

people say
about easyCharging

Switching to the easyCharging app was the best decision I made for my EV. The RFID card makes charging so much easier and faster. Just tap and go! Plus, the app keeps track of all my charging sessions, so I always know how much I’m spending. Highly recommend!

I love the convenience of the easyCharging RFID card. It’s free to order and works at so many charging stations. The app is also super user-friendly, and activating my RFID card was a breeze. Now, I can charge my car without any hassle or need for multiple apps.

The easyCharging app combined with the RFID card has simplified my life. The card gives me access to a huge network of charging points, and the app’s real-time updates are incredibly helpful. It’s great not having to worry about carrying cash or different cards for various stations.

As someone who travels a lot, the easyCharging RFID card is a lifesaver. It works across Europe, and I haven’t faced any issues finding compatible charging stations. The app’s map feature is excellent for planning my routes and ensuring I always have a charging point nearby.

The easyCharging RFID card is essential for any EV owner. The activation process through the app was straightforward, and now I can start charging with just a tap. The app also provides detailed tracking of my charges, which helps me manage my energy costs effectively.

Using the easyCharging app and RFID card has been a game-changer for me. The card’s reliability and the app’s comprehensive features make charging my EV a seamless experience. I appreciate the transparent billing and the convenience of having all my charging data in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get your easyCharging RFID card, first register your account on the easyCharging website. Once registered, download the easyCharging app, log in, and navigate to the RFID tag section to request your free card. Your RFID card will be delivered to you within a few days.

No, the easyCharging RFID card is free for all easyCharging customers. You only pay for the charging sessions you use, making it a cost-effective solution for EV charging.

After receiving your RFID card, log in to the easyCharging app. Go to the ‘Activate RFID’ section, enter the ID number found on the back of your card, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

The easyCharging RFID card can be used at over 100,000 charging points across Europe. Simply tap your card at any compatible charging station to start charging your EV. Use the easyCharging app to locate nearby stations and check their availability.

While the easyCharging app provides great features, the RFID card offers additional reliability and convenience. Some charging stations may not support app-based payments, but with the RFID card, you can access a broader range of charging points. The card also simplifies the charging process to just a tap, making it faster and more secure.

All your charging sessions and payments are tracked through the easyCharging app. You can view real-time charging costs, receive consolidated monthly invoices, and keep a detailed history of all your charges, ensuring complete transparency and easy management of your EV charging.

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