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Wherever your EV journey takes you, we'll make sure you arrive. Find your local DC charging points or plan in advance for longer routes. With our network of over 100,000+ charging points across the UK and Europe, your EV car's battery will never be empty.

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Easy charging on the move

Recharge your electric car in as little as 20 minutes at fast DC stations offering 50-350 kW power. Use the easyCharging app to filter out suitable charging stations.


Seamless charging experience

Operate charging points through the easyCharging app, starting or stopping at your convenience. Monthly billing based on usage for added simplicity.


Track your charging progress

The easyCharging app provides real-time updates on your charging status, allowing you to plan your day with a reliable charging experience.


Flexible charging options

Take your pick between using the easyCharging app, an RFID card, or a keyring to suit your preferred method of charging your EV.


Optimized battery life

Our DC chargers rapidly charge your EV to 80%, then slow down. This intelligent approach helps maximize the longevity and efficiency of your EV's battery.


Forget range anxiety

Embrace longer journeys with confidence by using our extensive network of 100,000+ charging points across the UK and Europe.


24/7 customer support

Your peace of mind matters to us. For any issues with your charging, reach out to our professional support team at any time, day or night.


Transparent pricing

See pricing details for all fast and slow charging points in the easyCharging app, helping you make an informed choice based on your budget and preferences.

AC chargers

Your car's onboard charger receives alternating current (AC) and then converts it into direct current (DC), which is then sent to your car's battery.

  • Cheaper than DC charging stations with the same kW
  • AC charging stations are slower, providing up to 22kWh of charging power
  • Charging time depends on how busy the grid is

DC chargers

DC charging station converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), so when you charge your car, the station sends the direct current to the battery.

  • Although more expensive, you can charge within minutes
  • Output starts at 50kW with rapid chargers at 150kW up to ultra fast at 350kW
  • Used mainly by EV drivers for longer journeys

Charge your EV using the easyCharging app


Create an account and log in to easyCharging

To charge using the easyCharging app, you need to be registered and logged in. Download our Android or iOS app to log in, update the icon to easyCharging and start your search.


Pick a fast or slow charging station

Use the map of charging points to search for suitable charging stations and get directions. You can add all your popular charging points to your favorites list.


Swipe to charge your EV conveniently

Once you are safely parked, plug in your electric car socket and swipe to start your charging session and watch the real-time progress on the easyCharging app.


Get a detailed monthly receipt

Get a detailed report about your charging session automatically by email and your app. We bill our customers conveniently once every month.

30 minutes

A typical EV takes around 30 minutes to charge with a high-powered DC fast charger. Porsche Taycan Plus scored as the fastest charging EV in a recent study by USwitch.

On longer journeys, I have to stop to take a break, and when I do, I plug the car in on arrival, which takes a bit longer (2 mins, perhaps) because the rapid chargers have to be accessed with a smartphone application. From that point on, I am not waiting; I am heading off to the rest facilities to do all the things I would typically do, and then, after 20 mins or so, I head back to the car, unplug, and drive on the next leg of my journey. So, again, no waiting is involved.

The best time to use DC fast charging is when you need a charge immediately, and you're willing to pay a little more for the convenience—like on a road trip or if you have a low battery but are pressed for time.

DC Fast Charging can deliver 200-400 miles of range per hour of charging, making it an excellent option for fast and convenient on-route charging. DC fast charging relieves range anxiety and provides required charging during longer trips.

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