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Whether you are coming to Munich for the annual Oktoberfest, to visit the world famous BMW museum, or to admire the most visited castle in Germany - the Neuschwanstein Castle you can always find a charging station in Munich with easyCharging.


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Transparent pricing Transparent pricing

Check prices for each e-charging station in Munich to choose the most suitable one. You can keep track of your charging history and receipts. You get everything in one app - search, charge, and pay for your car charging with the easyCharging app.


Charging card Charging card

Do you want the convenience of charging your car using a charging card - RFID tag? Order yours for free in the app and start charging without taking out your mobile phone.


Stations across Germany Stations across Germany

Explore other German cities like Berlin or Frankfurt and plan your EV journey by adding e-charging stations to your favourites.


Fast and slow charging Fast and slow charging

Choose from thousands of AC and DC charging points in Munich, depending on your current circumstances and needs.


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Find AC and DC points in Munich

The easyCharging mobile app makes it easy to search for charging stations and plan your journey. Use the filter to search for stations based on your EV's socket type or charging power.

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Charge your EV in Munich

You can get directions to your chosen charging point. After you park your electric car, plug it in and swipe to charge in the mobile app, or better yet, order and use our free RFID tag.


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You can keep an eye on the charging progress in the easyCharging app. Then simply swipe to stop charging in the app and unplug your EV. Check your charging summary; your card will be billed automatically at the end of each month.

Add up to 300km range in 15 minutes

Most EV drivers are worried about range anxiety. Choosing easyCharging gives you access to thousands of AC and DC charging points in Munich and the rest of Europe.

Modern DC chargers have power of up to 400kW, so your EV battery could be charged in 20 minutes.

You can see pricing for each charging station and check if it's available, in use or offline.

easyCharging stations are located near city centres, restaurants, or shopping centres.

Compatible with all socket types

Use the filter in the easyCharging app to find only charging points compatible with your socket type.

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CCS fast DC charging

The Combined Charging System can use Combo 1 or Combo 2 EV plug connectors to provide power of up to 350kW.


Type 1 regular AC charging

A single phase EV plug connector allows you to charge your car at a speed of up to 7.4kW.


CHAdeMO fast DC charging

First generation CHAdeMO EV plug connectors can deliver up to 62.5kW, whereas second generation ones can provide up to 400kW.


Type 2 regular AC charging

Europe wide EV plug connector for charging your electric car at 22kW.

Popular charging stations in Munich

300 kWh

V-Markt München 300kW

Maria-Probst-Straße 6

150 kWh

Planegg, Robert-Koch-Straße - E.ON UFC CCS

Robert-Koch-Straße 11

130 kWh

München, Arnulfstrasse, e.on EDG, Booster

Arnulfstraße 203

75 kWh

München, Macherei Berg am Laim DC LP 2

Berg am Laim Straße

50 kWh

Raststätte Vaterstetten Ost DC


50 kWh

PFALZWERKE - München-Freiham - Hornbach I

Hans-Steinkohl-Straße 30

50 kWh

PFALZWERKE - München-Fröttmaning, Hornbach I

Muthmannstraße 4

50 kWh

München, Arnulfstrasse, e.on EDG, ABB Terra 53, AC

Arnulfstraße 203

50 kWh

München, Zamdorfer Str. - Fast

Zamdorfer Str. 90

50 kWh

MUC, LBS HYC1 - Tunnel

Landsberger Straße 170

350 kWh

JOLT M009302

Allacher Straße 20

350 kWh

JOLT M008902

Arnulfstraße 279

350 kWh

JOLT M008702

Würmtalstraße 97

350 kWh

JOLT M009002

Effnerstraße 130

350 kWh

JOLT M008802

Einsteinstraße 168

320 kWh

Porsche Zentrum München Ladesäule 2

Schleibingerstraße 8

300 kWh

TuR Pippinger Flur Süd (DE*MER*E001357)

Pippinger Flur Süd, An der A8

300 kWh

JOLT M00920

Baierbrunner Straße 23

300 kWh

EnBW charging station 12000


300 kWh

Audi charging hub München Obersendling

Zielstattstraße 8d

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