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Would you like to explore Barcelona the environmentally friendly way or charge your EV regularly at your favourite charging points? Register with easyCharging for free and instantly access and locate charging stations across Barcelona.

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Easy payments Easy payments

You don't need to install several apps in order to pay for your charging sessions. All you need is easyCharging app - it lets you find and pay for AC and DC charging in Barcelona, other Spanish cities and even European countries.


Choice of charging Choice of charging

You can charge your electric car in two ways. Use the easyCharging mobile app to connect to the charging point to start charging. Or without the need to use the mobile app by ordering free RFID card from the app.


Stations across Spain Stations across Spain

You can charge at any of the charging stations you see in the mobile app. Our network is spread across the whole of Spain from Barcelona, Madrid to Malaga. Go on, explore the beauty of Spain in your EV.


Ideal for longer journeys Ideal for longer journeys

With easyCharging you can say goodbye to range anxiety. Use our AC and DC charging points to charge on short or long journeys. Depending on your EV model the battery could be charged in 30 minutes or less.


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Complete the registration process and then download the Charge Global app on Android or iOS. Log in and update the icon to easyCharging to get started.


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Use the map and filters to find your perfect EV charging station in Barcelona. You can even get directions.

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Once your car is safely parked, plug it in and use the mobile app to start the charging session. Why not order a free RFID card to make your charging easier.


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Swipe to stop charging in the app and unplug your EV. You can check your charging summary in the app. Your card will be billed at the end of each month.

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For many EV drivers, range anxiety is real, but with a network of thousands of DC charge points in Barcelona, you are never too far away from a charging station.

Charging your electric car using DC chargers is fast. DC chargers range from 50kW up to a super fast 350kW.

easyCharging EV stations in Barcelona are competitively priced, and you can see prices for each station in the app.

Barcelona AC and DC charging points are conveniently placed in the city centre, near retail parks, restaurants or hotels.

Supporting all EV plug connectors

Use the filter in the mobile app to search only for charging stations offering the right plug connector.

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CCS fast DC charging

The Combined Charging System can use Combo 1 or Combo 2 EV plug connectors to provide power of up to 350kW.


Type 1 regular AC charging

A single phase EV plug connector allowing you to charge your car at a speed of up to 7.4kW.


CHAdeMO fast DC charging

First generation CHAdeMO EV plug connectors can deliver up to 62.5kW whereas second generation ones can provide up to 400kW.


Type 2 regular AC charging

Europe wide EV plug connector for charging your electric car at 22kW.

Popular charging stations in Barcelona

350 kWh

IONITY Palleja - CCS #04

Ronda de Santa Eulàlia, 31

320 kWh

Centro Porsche Barcelona estación de carga 2

Calle de la Botánica 89

320 kWh

Centro Porsche Barcelona estación de carga 1

Calle de la Botánica 89

50 kWh


C/Cuitat d´Asuncion 49

50 kWh


Calle del Pla 21 Pol Ind Pla

50 kWh


C. de Pere IV

50 kWh

MOTOR LLANSÀ, S.L. (Zona Franca)

Passeig de la Zona Franca, 61-67,

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