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Recharge your electric car across Europe

Register for free and get an instant access to a Europe wide network of over 100,000 AC and DC charging points. Make your EV travel stress-free and enjoyable by using easyCharging to find and pay for recharging your electric car.

The only EV charging app you'll ever need


Search charging points

Choose the best charging option by filtering charging stations by socket type and charging power. The real-time information on station availability and pricing helps you plan your route better.


Recharge your EV

Plug in and then use the app to charge your EV and keep an eye out on the progress. For more effortless charging order your free RFID tag in the app and then you can start and stop charging by using the RFID tag.


Pay for your charging

You don't need to install any additional app to pay for your EV charging. When you recharge your EV using any charging station from our network you will be billed on the first business day of every month.

What our clients say about charging their electric car with easyCharging

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Filter Charging Stations Based on Socket Type and Charging Power

I can't stress enough how convenient the easyCharging app has made my electric vehicle charging experience! The ability to filter charging stations by socket type and charging power is a game-changer. No more guessing or driving around looking for the right station – I can find exactly what I need with just a few taps. It's saved me so much time and hassle!

Real-Time Information on Availability and Cost

The real-time information feature on easyCharging is fantastic! Knowing the availability and cost of charging stations before I get there makes planning my trips stress-free. I used to waste so much time driving to fully occupied or expensive stations, but now I have all the details I need to make informed decisions. Highly recommended for any EV owner!

Use RFID Tag for Charging Without the App

I love how easyCharging has integrated the use of RFID tags for charging. I don't always have my phone on me or sometimes it's low on battery, but with my RFID tag, I can start charging my car without needing the app. It's incredibly convenient, especially when I'm in a hurry or have my hands full. EasyCharging is definitely ahead of the curve with this feature!

Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to worry-free travels

Travel through Europe with ease in your electric car using the easyCharging app – the ultimate companion for savvy EV drivers. Seamlessly navigate your journey with our extensive European charging network. The easyCharging app simplifies your experience by making it easy to locate, charge, and pay for your EV charging sessions, all in one place.

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Optimise your journey with real-time information

Stay informed with details on each charging point's status, pricing, and compatibility directly within the easyCharging app. Plan your route with confidence, compare rates across multiple stations, and optimise your charging schedule. Our app provides real-time updates on station availability, costs, and socket types, helping you make the best decisions for a smooth and efficient journey.

Cost effective EV charging tips

Charging tailored to your needs

Enjoy the flexibility to select between AC (slow) and DC (fast) charging points to suit your schedule. Whether you need a quick 30-minute top-up or prefer a leisurely overnight charge, the choice is yours. The easyCharging app allows you to filter stations by charging speed and connector type, ensuring you find the perfect match for your vehicle and plans. Easily adapt to your travel needs and charging preferences, making every stop efficient and hassle-free. With easyCharging, you’re in control of your charging experience, whether you’re on the go or staying for a while.


Type 1 regular AC charging

The standard connector for AC charging in Europe


Type 2 regular AC charging

The standard connector for AC charging in Europe


CCS fast DC charging

The standard for DC fast charging in Europe, compatible with most new EV models


CHAdeMO fast DC charging

A DC fast-charging standard mainly used by some Japanese manufacturers, though it’s less common in Europe

A vast network of reliable charging points

easyCharging provides a seamless, worry-free experience for electric vehicle owners with an extensive network of reliable charging points. With thousands of strategically located stations across Europe – including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark – we offer comprehensive coverage wherever your travels take you. Easily find and recharge at convenient locations, whether you're on the motorways of Germany, navigating the scenic routes of Switzerland, exploring city centres in France or Spain, or commuting through Denmark and the UK. With easyCharging, you can confidently embark on any journey, knowing that charging options are always within reach, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

of range in 10 minutes when DC fast charging a 2024 BMW iX

Charge your EV using the easyCharging app


Create an account and log in to easyCharging

To charge using the easyCharging app, please ensure that you are registered. Simply download our app for Android or iOS, and log in to your account. Update your app icon to easyCharging for quick access and begin your search for the nearest charging points effortlessly.


Pick a fast or slow charging station

Use the easyCharging app’s map of charging points to search for suitable charging stations and get detailed directions to them. Add your preferred charging stations to your favourites list for quick access, making it easier to find and navigate to the ones you use most often.


Swipe to charge your EV conveniently

Once safely parked, connect your electric car to the charging socket, and simply swipe on the easyCharging app to begin your charging session. You can monitor the real-time progress of your charge directly within the app, keeping you informed every step of the way.


Get a transparent receipt

Receive a detailed report of your charging session automatically via email and within the app. Our convenient billing system charges you once a month, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for managing your electric vehicle’s charging expenses.

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