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Are you looking for a mobile app that lets you find, charge and pay for charging in Stuttgart and the rest of Europe? If yes then register and download our app and start charging your EV the 'easy' way. Access thousands of e-chargers in Stuttgart compatible with all electric cars and socket types.


Seamless charging experience in Stuttgart


Clear pricing information Clear pricing information

Check the cost of charging at each point upfront. The easyCharging app displays the cost per kWh or session and any additional fees.


Free RFID card Free RFID card

Would you like to start and stop charging sessions without using the mobile app? Order your free charging card in the app and start charging with ease.


Plan your trip efficiently Plan your trip efficiently

Germany's charging infrastructure is actively expanding and so does our network of charging points, not only in Germany but in Europe. Plan your longer routes by adding stations to your favourites.


Live status of chargers Live status of chargers

You can see if a charging point is offline, available or in use, its socket type and charging power. Use the map filter to only show charging stations in Stuttgart compatible with your EV.


Find nearby charging points in Stuttgart easily

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Register in less than 2 minutes and download the Charge Global app on Android or iOS. Log in and update the icon to easyCharging to get started.

Search for a charger

Find e-chargers in Stuttgart

Our useful filter can display relevant charging points based on socket type or charging power so you can always find the right one.

Plug in your EV

Charge your EV in Stuttgart

When you get to your chosen charging point open the easyCharging mobile app and swipe to start charging. Alternatively you can order a free RFID tag to use it to start and stop charging.

Unplug your EV

Continue to your destination

You can monitor your charging session in the app to see how your battery is being charged. When your battery is topped up use the mobile app to swipe to stop charging and unplug your electric car.

Add up to 300km range in 15 minutes

I, like most EV drivers, used to worry about range anxiety. However, thanks to easyCharging, I can always count on finding a charging station to keep me on the move.

With advancing technology, an increasing number of DC chargers boasting power ratings of up to 400kW are becoming available. These chargers can recharge your EV's battery in as little as 20 minutes.

There's no need to speculate about the charging cost, as each station displays comprehensive pricing information. Additionally, I appreciate that you can easily check the station's status, whether it's currently in use, available, or offline.

The majority of charging points are situated in city centers, making them conveniently accessible for running errands or enjoying a dinner out.

Choose the right station for your needs

See detailed information about each charging station, including power levels, connector types, and charging sppeds. easyCharging is compatible with all electric vehicles and all connector types.

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CCS fast DC charging

An EV charging standard that supports both AC and DC charging, capable of utilising either Combo 1 (CCS1) or Combo 2 (CCS2) connectors to deliver power of up to 350 kilowatts (kW).


Type 1 regular AC charging

The lowest charging level available for electric vehicles (EVs), employing a Type 1 connector. This connector is a single-phase plug with an output capacity ranging from 1 kilowatt (kW) to 7.5 kW.


CHAdeMO fast DC charging

A rapid charging system designed for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The initial generation connectors can provide a maximum of 62.5 kW, whereas the second generation allows for an impressive 400 kW of charging power.


Type 2 regular AC charging

The slowest charging level utilises a Type 2 connector, delivering alternating current power within a range of 1 kW to 7.5 kW.

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