Effortless Volvo EV charging with easyCharging

Introducing easyCharging, the go-to solution for seamless charging of your Volvo electric car. With an extensive network of 100,000 charging points across Europe, including key countries like the United Kingdom,Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Denmark, your charging is hassle-free and convenient.Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace the freedom to embark on your European journeys powered by easyCharging service confidently.

Experience the ease of planning your EV adventures like never before.


Real-time status and detailed charger costs

The easyCharging app is always up to date and displays the most recent pricing for kW. It's not just a map of charging points; you can also check each charging station's status before embarking on your journey.


Convenient in-app payment option

Link your payment card directly to the easyCharging app for convenience and travel light across Europe. You will be billed for all your charging sessions at the end of the month.


Useful route planning and navigation

Get directions to your chosen charging point and utilize your favorite navigation app. Add selected points to your favorites for better and easier European journey planning.

easyCharging app supports all Volvo

Just one mobile app for all your EV charging needs throughout Europe

To access thousands of fast and reliable AC and DC charging stations across Europe, register and download the easyCharging app.

C40 Recharge: Embrace Limitless Journeys with easyCharging:

Experience the freedom of the Volvo C40 Recharge with easyCharging at your fingertips. Our app integrates with this cutting-edge electric model, providing swift access to over 100,000 charging stations across Europe. Navigate effortlessly to your preferred charging point, start and stop sessions with ease, and enjoy the journey knowing that easyCharging ensures a reliable, fast, and cost-effective adventure every time you hit the road.

EX30: Elevate Your Drive with easyCharging

Optimize your Volvo EX30 driving experience with easyCharging, offering access to a vast network of over 100,000 charging stations across Europe. Charge up efficiently, track your charging history, and choose your preferred payment mode – all through our user-friendly mobile app. Drive confidently, supported by easyCharging's robust 24/7 customer support network. Enjoy the power and convenience of easyCharging as you embark on your next electric journey in the Volvo EX30.

EX90: Unleash the Power of Volvo's EX90 with easyCharging

Embark on electrifying adventures with the Volvo EX90, accompanied by the ultimate charging companion – easyCharging. Our app seamlessly integrates with your high-performance EX90, providing swift and efficient charging at any of our 100,000+ charging stations across Europe. Charge up in minutes, not hours, and enjoy the spontaneity that comes with owning a Volvo EX90 and easyCharging. Experience the thrill of boundless journeys, powered by cutting-edge technology and a reliable charging network.

Seat Volvo Formentor model with easyCharging

XC40 Recharge: Redefine Your EV Experience with easyCharging

Opt for the Volvo XC40 Recharge and redefine your electric vehicle experience with easyCharging. This user-friendly app is tailored to seamlessly integrate with the XC40 Recharge, offering swift access to over 100,000 charging stations across Europe. Effortlessly plan your journey, start and stop charging sessions on the go, and embrace worry-free exploration, knowing that easyCharging ensures a fast, reliable, and cost-effective adventure every time you hit the road.

Seat Volvo Leon model with easyCharging

Charging your Volvo with the easyCharging app

Intuitive and well-designed app that streamlines the process of locating the nearest charging point, initiating charge and and seamlessly handling payment for your electric vehicle charging session.


Sign Up

Begin by creating your your easyCharging account. It's a quick and straightforward process, taking just a few moments.


Find charging stations

Make use of our intuitive filter to discover the closest and most convenient charging station from our extensive network points.


Control charging

The easyCharging app is more than just a map. You can initiate and terminate your charging session directly within the app.


Get detailed invoices

Automatically receive comprehensive reports for your charging sessions. Billing occurs monthly for our valued customers.

Power your Volvo with easyCharging network

Our rapidly expanding network of 100,000+ charging points, featuring public and private stations is a European collaboration with thousands of charging point operators and partners. Our innovative, dynamic pricing model is tailored to optimize the charging costs for your Cupra, ensuring real-time access to the most competitive rates through the easyCharging app. You are never too far from a suitable charging point.

Charge up with confidence as you explore Europe's roads.

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Map of easyCharging Toyota compatible points in Europe
easyCharging app showing active charge in pro

Make your journey easier with easyCharging

The easyCharging app is more than just an average charging map. You can customize it to become your reliable travel companion, helping you make your electric vehicle travels easier.


Convenient access to charging stations

Stop searching and start charging! With the easyCharging mobile app, it's easy to filter your charging criteria and find suitable charging points anywhere in Europe.


Keep and eye on the best price

Our network always shows the latest and most accurate pricing for each charging point. Get all the latest information right in the app.


Navigate to next charging point

You don't need to keep searching for a suitable charging point. Use our filter and then navigate with confidence.


Search and activate the charge

The easyCharging app is not just a map of charging points. Once you create an account with us, you can initiate the charging session.

Real customer reviews

easyCharging has truly revolutionized my EV experience. The app's seamless interface makes finding charging stations a breeze, and the real-time pricing updates ensure I'm always getting the best deal. Navigating to the next charging point has never been more straightforward. Kudos to easyCharging for making electric travel a joy!

I can't imagine road tripping in my EV without easyCharging. The app's extensive network coverage means I'm never anxious about finding a charging station. The dynamic pricing feature has saved me money on every trip. It's like having a personal EV concierge in my pocket. Highly recommended!

EasyCharging is a game-changer for EV owners. The app's user-friendly design makes it easy to search and activate charging sessions with just a few taps. The ability to customize my charging criteria and keep an eye on real-time pricing is a major plus. Thank you, easyCharging, for making EV ownership hassle-free!

As a frequent traveler, easyCharging has become my go-to app. The convenience of locating charging points and the accuracy of pricing information have made my journeys stress-free. The filter and navigate feature is a lifesaver, ensuring I'm always on the right route. Thumbs up to easyCharging for simplifying EV charging!

EasyCharging has exceeded my expectations. The reliability of the app, combined with the vast network coverage, makes charging my EV a seamless process. I appreciate the attention to detail, from the easy-to-use interface to the real-time pricing updates. Trust me; this app is a game-changer for any electric vehicle owner.

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